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09 März 2023 Iris Meyer, Stabsbereich Kommunikation

Leibniz Institute of Educational Trajectories LIfBi

Leibniz Institute of Educational Trajectories LIfBi

The Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi) invites international researchers to the 2nd COORDINATE Summer School. From July 10th to 14th a total of 30 participants from EU member states and non-EU countries will have the opportunity to take part in the extensive framework program of the Summer School in the world heritage city of Bamberg. They will learn about the most important panel data surveys on educational and employment trajectories such as the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS), develop and advance their own research questions, and network with fellow scientists who have similar research interests. Applications will be accepted until April 16th.

Methods of analysis with data from the National Educational Panel Study

The second COORDINATE Summer School especially focuses on learning and applying specific methods for analyzing data from the NEPS, a large-scale longitudinal social science survey in the field of educational research. The panel includes a multi-cohort sequential designs with six starting cohorts – newborns, kindergarten children, fifth graders, ninth graders, first-year students in higher education and adults. To date panelists have been surveyed and tested for more than 10 years, and relevant caregivers such as parents and teachers are also included in the longitudinal survey.

During the summer school, participants will receive a comprehensive introduction into the framework of the study, the available Scientific Use Files, and the data documentation. They will be made familiar with basic and advanced skills for preparing the complex data for their own analyses. To this end, lectures as well as guided practical exercises will be provided by experienced data scientists and LIfBi researchers.

“Horizon Europe” COORDINATE Summer School

Horizon Europe's COORDINATE project is focused on increasing the visibility and use of data on the well-being of children and young people in Europe. One elementary project is to promote cohort panel research in Europe: To this end, COORDINATE organizes a total of three summer schools to facilitate access to relevant data platforms for researchers and to teach suitable analysis techniques.

Conditions of participation

A total of 30 researchers can be selected to participate in the summer school at LIfBi. The selection will be based on respective research experience, scientific competence and analytical interest. The event is open to all researchers working in EU member states and associated countries (20 funded researchers from EU member states and 10 researchers from Germany and non-EU research institutes). Experience in working with NEPS data is not a prerequisite for participation in the summer school. However, advanced knowledge in multivariate analysis techniques is recommended. Applications can be send to Dr. Daniel Fuß (daniel.fuss@lifbi.de) by April 16th, 2023.

More detailed information on the structure and content of the COORDINATE Summer School as well as on the conditions of participation can be found in the PDF below and on the NEPS website.

Contact for scientific information:

Dr. Daniel Fuß: https://www.lifbi.de/People/Profile/account/1104

Further Information:

https://www.neps-data.de/Portals/0/NEPS/Tagungen/Coordinate_SummerSchool_2023/Cf... PDF with further information on the 2nd COORDINATE Summer School
https://www.neps-data.de/coordinate-summerschool2023 Link to the NEPS website with detailed information about the course, the lecturers and the conditions of participation

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