Community Guidelines for Social Media

Welcome to the Research in Bavaria social media channels. We encourage exchange and discussion and we ask all users to respect the following rules:

  • Be respectful and tolerant of other users. Make sure your posts are civil and polite.
  • Do not share personal data—either your own or anybody else’s.
  • Make sure your posts are constructive and contribute to a fact-based discussion. Do not post misinformation.
  • Always treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Be transparent and cite sources for your claims.
  • Use links to external sites sparingly.

What will be hidden or deleted?

  • Comments or links that contain criminal or inappropriate content. This includes contributions that glorify violence or that are anti-constitutional.
  • Hate speech or discrimination of any kind. Our social media channels are no place to spread political or religious messages. Contributions that are intolerant of a person’s culture, gender, appearance, religion, sexual orientation, or age are unacceptable and will be immediately deleted. These are illegal online, just as they are offline.
  • Abusive language, libel, and defamation of persons or organizations as well as offensive or obscene contributions.
  • Comments and contributions that violate the rights of third parties—such as copyright on texts, photos, or videos.
  • Spam and promotional content.

We welcome comments, questions, and suggestions that abide by these guidelines. Posts that violate the guidelines may be hidden or deleted by our editorial team. Users who violate these rules or the basic principles of online etiquette may be banned from our channels.

Thank you for your understanding and welcome to the Research in Bavaria community!

Please be aware that social media platforms also have their own standards for acceptable online behavior:

 Please feel free to contact us at any time via research-in-bavaria(at)

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