Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU)

International Students
Scientific Staff

As one of Europe's leading research universities, LMU Munich is committed to the highest international standards of excellence in research and teaching. LMU attracts a large number of international students – some 20 percent of its 53,000 students come from abroad, originating from 140 countries worldwide. About 11,000 international students pursue degree programmes at LMU, while an additional 600 students spend a semester or two in Munich as exchange students. The university is committed to helping students settle in quickly, achieve their goals and develop their talents and interests.

Doctoral Research

LMU Munich offers a multitude of possible doctorates in over 100 subjects to outstanding graduates. The doctoral project may be conducted either in the form of an individually supervised project or within the framework of a structured doctoral program.

Postdoctoral Research

The creative intelligence of junior academics is essential for an innovative university. LMU Munich places particular emphasis on promoting the next generation of scholars. It offers dedicated fellowship programs, funding options and open positions in all disciplines to foster talent, research and career development.


With its dedicated academic appointment process, LMU Munich is able to keep up with the international competition for the best scientists. Moreover, the LMU Tenure Track Model facilitates the path to a permanent professorship for aspiring junior researchers and gives them independence in research and teaching.

International Guests

LMU Munich attracts a large number of renowned academics from all over the world. It therefore offers advice and useful information on a number of key issues to ease their integration into the LMU research community.

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