Our Spotlight features flagship research at Bavarian universities. Our universities are heading projects in a number of exciting new areas, together with renowned partners and institutions from across the world. 

Modern Art and Exile

Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Shanghai: A project in art history shows that the modern art movement was a global phenomenon and features virtual rambles in the cities where exiled artists found new inspiration. Read more

Area Studies

How can interdisciplinary and multiscalar approaches be used to better understand spatially distinct cultural systems as well as global interconnectivity? Researchers in Regensburg are leading the way in looking for answers. Read more

Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation

Researchers at the University of Bamberg are exploring and enlivening the architecture of the past through cutting-edge technology.
Read more

Wood Technology

Engineers at TH Rosenheim are addressing the challenges facing wood technology with a new logistics concept, dynamic partnerships and sustainable future industry models.
Read more

Islamic Art and Archaeology

What relevance do Islamic artefacts have for contemporary Islamic cultural heritage?
This question underpins the study of Islamic Art and Archaeology. Read more

Theological Findings on Apocryphal Writings

Theological findings on apocryphal writings: Could they foster conflict resolution? Yes they could, say scholars at the Regensburg Centre for Advanced Studies Beyond Canon_. Read more

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