University of Passau

International Students
Scientific Staff

The University of Passau is situated right on the border to Austria, in the picturesque city of Passau, located at the confluence of three rivers. Its research activities are focused on the themes of digitalisation, Europe and sustainability.

Doctoral Research

The Graduate Centre fosters a culture of cooperation and interdisciplinarity in Passau's doctoral education and provides an overview of essential information on the subject of doctoral study.

Postdoctoral Research

International networks and interdisciplinarity are hallmarks of the University of Passau. On the following page you will find key information about the postdoctoral stage and the Habilitation qualification.


Equal opportunities in appointment procedures, family-friendliness and strong support for newly appointed professors, for example through dual-career services, are particularly important to the University of Passau. Visit our vacancies page for advertised professorships, including those with tenure track:

International Guests

The Welcome Centre supports international researchers before, during and after their stay at the University of Passau, e.g. looking for accommodation and going through the formalities.

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