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Quantum Science is one of the most fascinating research fields of today. It will radically transform our understanding of technology—from basic research to its application. Are you ready for the next technological revolution?


Connect with Colleagues

LMU Munich

A Bridge to the Quantum World

Monika Aidelsburger elucidates the nature of many-body quantum phenomena. Her ERC Starting Grant has been topped up by an LMU Tenure-Track Professorship to pursue this work.

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University of Regensburg

The Quantum World in Motion

Rupert Huber’s experimental work in terahertz and solid-state physics at the interface of optics and electronics is internationally renowned. His fundamental research is used in ultrafast atomic-resolution microscopes and quantum information processing.

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Find a Research Home

Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMU)

The Institute for Topological Insulators

At JMU Würzburg, Professor Laurens W. Molenkamp and his team are conducting pioneering work on topological materials. With its cutting-edge technology, the new Institute for Topological Insulators will be the ideal place for them to develop this research.

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