Universität der Bundeswehr München

Wissenschaftlicher Stab

The Universität der Bundeswehr München (UniBw M) is a young and modern campus university. It is one of Germany’s two universities of the Federal Armed Forces. Its prime location in one of Germany’s most innovative regions, its technological resources and small size offer ideal conditions for excellent and sustainable research on an international level. Work-life balance is of high importance.

Research Profile

UniBw M offers engineering and natural sciences, just as social and economic sciences and the humanities. The departments perform in-depth research int a wide range of subjects that are of great social relevance and deal with complex research topics from an interdisciplinary perspective. The University comprises an integrated university of applied sciences. It thus offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for scientific work and cooperation, ranging from basic to applied research and development projects.

Since its foundation, the University has become one of the most renowned institutions for questions of security in engineering and society. It drives innovation and represents an important factor for regional development.

Career Opportunities for International Researchers

With free research and teaching being guaranteed by the German constitution, research careers at the UniBW M are identical to those at any other research university. While most of our students are affiliated with the German federal armed forces (Bundeswehr), a military background is not required to start your research career at UniBW M. All of our research staff are civilian.

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