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Research in Bavaria

Are you considering doing your PhD in Germany, looking for a postdoc position, or searching for a professorship? Bavaria is the place for you!
Join the international research community here—and call Bavaria home!

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Research Panorama

Stories from Our Universities

We feature stories and news from Bavarian universities on innovative people, projects, and collaborations in an array of disciplines. Stay tuned—our research topics vary regularly!

Career Paths

How to Move Your Career Forward

Committed to scientific research? Do you feel driven to make new discoveries? Then, doctoral studies are in your future. Read more about how to choose a research topic, find a supervisor at a university, and apply for a doctoral program!

When I was offered the chance to research corals as my PhD project at FAU, I jumped at the opportunity! I love working on this topic—and with the team!
Nussaibah Raja Schoob, PhD Candidate in Palaeontology at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

Pursuing a PhD

A research stay abroad is a real adventure and requires careful preparation. Whether you are looking for housing, or childcare, or trying to decide on the best insurance—our universities offer welcome services to assist you with all practical matters.

The Welcome Center made my family's move to Regensburg quite easy: they helped us to find housing, to complete our residence permit applications, to settle in and feel at home.
Janet Spittler, DFG Centre for Advanced Studies "Beyond Canon", University of Regensburg

Moving to Germany

My New Life in Bavaria

A Blog by Our International Researchers
Anh Nguyen
is a PhD candidate in the GLOMO project and works as a research assistant at the Chair of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour at the University of Bamberg

I went to Bamberg for the first time in early spring. I came for my interview for the position of an early-stage researcher in the GLOMO project. It was one of the best trips of my life. I got the job, and I fell immediately in love with the city of Bamberg, its nature, architecture, and ambience...

Keen on a Career in Research?

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Find Your Peers!

Bavaria‘s academic landscape is highly diverse. Get an overview of research institutions in Bavaria and find your future colleagues and supervisors.

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Bavarian Highlights

Where Fairy Tales Come True

Discover Bavaria's dramatic views, charming landscapes, and many historical cities and cultural attractions.

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What's up in Research?

Selected News from Our Networks

Stay up-to-date with the latest research trends and developments in Bavaria. Our news channel features exclusive stories and news from Bavarian universities.

Passau research team in DKN working group on the “bioeconomy”: using art to combat climate change

A research team from the University of Passau is part of the German Committee Future Earth (DKN) working group “Sustainable, transformative and circular bioeconomy”. The agricultural sociologist Professor Martina Padmanabhan and the cultural anthropologist Dr Patrick Keilbart are committed to new…

Quantum boost for a classical cooling technology: new material improves magnetic cooling near absolute zero

Cooling is a long-standing technological challenge. Standard cooling cycle based on vapor compression exploits expensive helium gas to reach temperatures near absolute zero. Adiabatic demagnetization known since nearly a century could be a viable alternative if compact and durable paramagnetic…

Brain damage caused by plasticisers: Bayreuth biologists investigate effects of bisphenols on nerve cells

The plasticisers contained in many everyday objects can impair important brain functions in humans. Biologists from the University of Bayreuth warn of this danger in an article in "Communications Biology". Their study shows that even small amounts of the plasticisers bisphenol A and bisphenol S…

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