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The University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT) offers a unique range of engineering degree programmes which focus on the natural world, our place in it and our use of natural resources – be it agricultural raw material production, nutrition and supply chains or the development of rural and urban areas. Green, innovative and practical, the university boasts outstanding facilities for teaching and research, including show gardens, pilot plants and laboratories.

Research opportunities at HSWT

HSWT is a centre for research in life sciences. Its main focus is on applied research, but it is also involved in experimental and theoretical research, as well as projects to implement expertise and technologies in commercial and industrial environments.

The university maintains many national and international partnerships, which strengthen its applied approach and provide a springboard for careers in academia. Professors work closely with junior researchers, providing each and every one with the individual support they need. The BayWISS research group on ‘Life Sciences and Green Technologies’ also provides an invaluable network to help graduations obtain a doctorate. HSWT also promotes new start-ups, through projects such as the Food Startup Inkubator Weihenstephan.

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