When applying to do a PhD or a postdoc in Germany, you will need to provide proof of your previous academic record. Degrees obtained abroad will also need to be officially recognized. Within Bavaria, each university has its own authority that evaluates the equivalence of degrees. Find out what you will need to do to get your qualifications recognized.

Is Recognizing Degrees Important?

Degree recognition is a necessary step in applying for a PhD or postdoc position in Germany. For PhD candidates, it is part of your formal application to register as a doctoral candidate. In order to do your PhD in Germany, you will generally need a master’s degree or equivalent.

Because recognition works differently at different universities in Bavaria and across disciplines, doctoral candidates should first connect with a potential supervisor or doctoral school. Only when they have agreed to supervise your project does it make sense to tackle degree recognition.

Degree Recognition Is Easy

When applying to do your PhD, your supervisor will advise you on who to contact at the International Office, Welcome Center, or department to help you with your formal application to the university.

To have your degrees recognized, you will submit your degree certificates with your application materials when you apply to register as a doctoral candidate. Depending on the country you are coming from, you might need to submit additional documentation, such as official translations of certificates. Your degrees will be evaluated as part of your application to register as a doctoral candidate.

The degree recognition process usually does not require any extra steps on your part at this point. You will know that your degrees have been recognized when you receive your acceptance letter from the university!

For postdoctoral positions, you will submit your degrees along with your job application. The HR department of the university will evaluate your degrees. Recognition is relevant to determining your salary grade.

Did You Know?

The international recognition of your alma mater is a significant factor in degree recognition. If you understand a bit of German, you can check the anabin database to see if your university is listed. Bavarian universities use the anabin rankings as a helpful measure in deciding whether or not your degree is recognized in Germany.

Doctorates from Bavarian Universities

Bavarian universities are renowned for producing highly qualified researchers. They are also well connected to other research institutions around the world. If you complete your PhD in Bavaria, you are already well on your way to becoming a competitive candidate for academic jobs.

Our Research Panorama presents a selection of some of the exciting research going on in Bavaria today. You will quickly see that a doctoral degree from a Bavarian university prepares you perfectly for a career in research.

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