One of the many benefits of living in Bavaria is access to its strong health care system. In Germany, everybody needs to take out health insurance. Whether you are covered by a public or private health care provider, you can rest easy knowing your insurance helps cover the cost of doctors’ visits, medication, hospital stays, and other vital care.

The Right Health Insurance for You

All German residents must have valid health insurance. This legal requirement helps keep health care costs down. Patients can either be publicly or privately insured, depending on their needs and eligibility. Eligibility ultimately depends on your age, salary, and employment status.

The Welcome Center at your university can tell you about health care options and costs for students, grant recipients, and employees. It is worth noting that once you have chosen either a public or a private scheme, you cannot change to a different scheme at a later stage. Ask your Welcome Center which scheme is right for you. Our university directory has direct links to the individual websites.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

The European Health Insurance Card is valid in Bavaria. However, if you are employed as a professor or postdoc in Bavaria (or are employed in parallel with your PhD) and plan on staying longer, it is best to switch to a German health care provider. If you are not here as an employee, your EHIC will likely be the best option for you, even for longer stays. Ask your Welcome Center for advice about this option.

Special Insurance for Fellowship Recipients

If you have received a PhD fellowship or a postdoctoral fellowship in Bavaria, your sponsoring organization might have an insurance package available to you. Check with them as you are preparing for your move to Bavaria.

Health Insurance for Families

In the public system, your health insurance covers your family in Bavaria. Children are usually covered. If your partner is working here, their employer will help cover their health insurance costs. If you are planning to take out private insurance, you should inquire about the details for your family, as everyone in the family needs to have coverage. Ask your Welcome Center if you have questions about private coverage for your family.

In Germany your public health insurance covers for your spouse and children living in Bavaria without charging any additional fee.
The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows all members of a public health insurance to benefit from emergency medical treatment and care while travelling within the EEA.

Health Insurance for Short-Term Stays

If you come for a short-term stay—usually up to three months—make sure that your health insurance at home covers you when you travel. If it does not, consider taking out extra travel health insurance. Please note that this option is not adequate if you plan to be a resident of Bavaria.

Welcome Centers Are Here To Help

To help make your move to Bavaria as smooth and easy as possible, each university has its own Welcome Center or a similar service unit at its International Office to assist you with all the practical matters involved in making Bavaria your home. Its staff is there to help you navigate the German health care system. Our university directory has direct links to the individual websites.

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