The University of Bamberg enjoys an excellent reputation in heritage conservation research and heritage technologies.
Situated in the Old Town of Bamberg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it attracts researchers from all over the world.

Digital Heritage Conservation

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Follow John, Maria and Iustyna during their stroll through Bamberg's Old town and learn about their research in digital technologies in heritage conservation.

Digital Insights Into the Past

Technologies of the Future Preserve Our Heritage

The Analysis and Preservation of Cultural Heritage is a research focus area at the University of Bamberg. To gain insights into bygone eras and preserve this material evidence for future generations, the researchers develop and test innovative technologies and processes.

Infrared Thermography

Thermal cameras document the surface temperatures of surrounding objects without contact. This non-destructive method makes it possible to draw conclusions about the arrangement of entire structures.

3D Model

High-resolution 3D model of the Madonna on the trumeau of the north transept portal of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Light Microscope

At the hem of the Madonna's garment, weathered decoration and setting remains were found, which were evaluated by light microscopy.

3D Scanning

This innovative technology is in great demand: 3D scanning projects have already taken Bamberg scientists as far as Uzbekistan or Egypt.

Virtual Temple

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic at Kandy, Sri Lanka, was measured and made virtually walkable. The buildings can also be reconstructed should they be destroyed.

3D Digital Reconstruction

The synagoge from 1910 was destroyed in Reichskristallnacht in 1938. Thanks to the 3D scan of the current urban surrounding you can virtually visit the lost synagogue.

Pioneer in Heritage Conservation

Bamberg Blazes a Trail in Digital Technologies

Modern sensor technology, 3D scanning and virtual realities: The University of Bamberg is at the forefront of preserving the past with its Chair for Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation and its corresponding master's degree program.

Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation combine my passion for cultural heritage with engineering metrology and imaging.
Prof. Mona Hess, Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation, University of Bamberg

Coming to Germany with Your Kids?

You Can! And We are Here to Help.

The Welcome Center is helping young researchers and their kids to settle down in Bamberg and to benefit from their stay in Germany.

What are the main challenges for international researchers with children?

Finding care for children at short notice. The younger the children and the shorter the notice, the more difficult it is, but we usually find a solution (e.g. tiding over with babysitters), and cooperate closely with the Family Services Office.

What support do you offer at the Family Services Office?

Information on daycare centers and schools in Bamberg; support, advice and personal assistance regarding the application for a childcare or a spot in local schools; mediation between daycare centers/schools and parents in case of problems; support with all other everyday questions (pediatricians in town, leisure activities for children, etc.).

Is the German language an issue?

We are always amazed at how quickly children pick up the language here! German is not a prerequisite for primary school, only for some secondary schools. Often, secondary schools offer transition classes that provide German language support. For children of all ages, it can also be helpful to start learning some German before the move, even if it is just in a playful way.

What do kids enjoy most in Bamberg?

The wonderful playgrounds all over the city. The cultural events (e.g. the annual street festival "Bamberg zaubert"). The nature around Bamberg and the wide range of leisure activities that can often be reached in less than 30 minutes (hiking, canoeing, climbing, horseback riding, visiting caves, etc.).

Welcome Center
Family Service
Bamberg for Children

Uniting Diverse Disciplines

Cooperation between Humanities, Engineering and Materials Sciences

The unique selling point of the Centre for Heritage Conservation Studies and Technologies (KDWT) is its broad interdisciplinary orientation. Humanities, engineering and materials sciences work together. The KDWT makes a significant contribution to the university-wide research focus on the "Analysis and Preservation of Cultural Heritage".

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